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Keller Direct Care Medical Providers

DPC Health is a superb choice among Keller direct care medical providers. Direct care is growing in popularity due to widespread dissatisfaction with health insurance company practices. Although direct care often does not involve intermediaries such as insurance companies, you can pair our membership with certain insurance policies.

Generally speaking, DPC Health memberships are an alternative to health insurance. You have access to primary, urgent and emergency care with our memberships. Employers are finding us increasingly attractive as direct care medical providers in Keller TX because all patients receive quality care and their visits can last as long as they like.

Many individuals and employers choose us because they don’t want to wait weeks or months for an appointment. We think that’s an excellent reason among many!

Superb Option Among Keller Direct Care Medical Providers

Our doctors are exceptional and have a wonderful bedside manner. You’ll get rid of the long waiting room process that you may have become familiar with. You’ll often have access to same-day appointments. Appointments are 30-60 minutes at a minimum. As direct care medical providers in Keller TX, you’ll be done with surprisingly high co-pays.

You’ll pay a relatively low monthly fee – such as $80/month for Tier 2 for Adults and $125/month for Tier 1 for Adults. Both tiers offer astounding levels of unlimited access to procedures and include primary, urgent and emergency care. You’ll get rid of surprisingly high deductibles with the best in Keller direct care medical providers.

As an excellent choice in direct care medical providers in Keller TX, DPC Health offers:

  • Telemedicine
  • Unlimited in-house labs
  • Many unlimited in-house procedures
  • 24/7 access to doctors and medical staff
  • Same-day or next-day appointments, frequently
  • Discounts on imaging procedures and medicine

DPC Health invites you to a new level of caring as a leader in Keller direct care medical providers. Individuals, families and employers are all increasingly turning to direct care as an attractive option to feel secure. They want to go to a health care provider where their wellness is truly a priority and they don’t feel like a “cog in the machine.”

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