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Colleyville Hormone Replacement Therapy

At DPC Health, many of our patients come to us suffering from fatigue, lack of mental clarity, reduced physical stamina and/or reduced libido. Many conditions can cause these symptoms but they can be alleviated or eliminated with effective Colleyville hormone replacement therapy.

DPC Health is a clinic that offers membership access to primary, urgent and emergency care for as low as $80/month. Our medically managed weight loss programs and hormone replacement therapy in Colleyville TX are additional medical services that we offer here.

If any of these are of interest to you, we welcome you to DPC Health!

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Did you know that the chemical structure of the replacement hormones in our therapy is identical to those hormones naturally found in the human body? They are bio-identical hormones and can treat a variety of troublesome symptoms in women and men.

If you visit our friendly clinic for our proven Colleyville hormone replacement therapy, we think you’ll love our superb doctors. You may phone, text or video your doctor or member of your medical team at any time and same-day appointments are often available.

Hormone replacement therapy in Colleyville TX often has the following numerous benefits:

  • Improvement in your quality of life
  • Improvement in mental clarity
  • Improvement in physical stamina
  • Improvement in sleep and mood stability
  • An increase in your energy level
  • An increase in your muscle mass
  • A decrease in body fat
  • Increased sex drive
  • Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Reduced risk of Diabetes
  • Reduced risk of Heart Disease
  • Reduced risk of Osteoporosis

Again, we’d like to emphasize that our Colleyville hormone replacement therapy is successful at treating men as well as women. Men often try this therapy at our clinic for fatigue, depression, erectile dysfunction, or reduced libido as well as other symptoms.

Hormones play an integral part in our energy levels, health and our general outlook on life. Come to DPC Health and find out if you’re an excellent candidate for our hormone replacement therapy in Colleyville TX to transform your life and feel like you once did again.

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If you’ve been experiencing any of the symptoms we’ve mentioned, it’s time to get some professional medical help in evaluating the cause.

Call us at (682) 200-0035 with your important questions about our hormone replacement therapy in Colleyville TX and we’ll be happy to answer them or schedule an appointment.



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